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ORIZON GROUP is an advertising agency with its own Production studio. It is based on two pillars: 3D technology and effective marketing. The founders of the company are Jacek Lamont and Katarzyna Koguciuk.

Jacek, having worked for foreign manufacturers of 3D animation since eighteen years, incl. Warner Bros, returns to Poland with a baggage of experience and knowledge from the best. Returning and working with Polish producers, he matures and creates his own studio. At the same time, Katarzyna ran her own interactive agency. Their business paths crossed in one of the projects for the furniture industry. This leads to the creation of the ORIZON GROUP brand.

Since 2016, we have been growing in strength, more and more interesting projects appear from year to year. We are open to professionals from all over the world. We work with people and companies who want to create something meaningful with us. By bringing together many professionals, we create opportunities for our clients. We have no subordinates, we are all colleagues. We take this as a direction and example for all companies based on a high creative factor. This is a different form of business and organization structure. What are we? For all of us, work is a passion. We do what gives us energy. We love to show off what we create because quality is our highest value.

What have they written about us?

sources of information about our projects

What are we doing?

we combine creativity and modern technology


Effective advertising agency

We can generate ideas and create strategies that open up opportunities for our clients, where they would not see them themselves.


Modern Render Farm

We have a modern render farm that supports our daily work. We independently manage the superpower for rendering 3D animations

3D technologies

Technological production studio 3D

We consult at every stage of production. We run thousands of analytics-driven tests to ensure the end result is attractive and effective.

Devices for 3D technologies

3D Scanning and Motion Capture

We work on modern production equipment. We support other studios in 3D scanning or animation using XSENS motion capture.

What drives us forward?

we have opportunities
and we create the impossible

Traveling to the 3D world is a unique experience. What we value most about it is that it provides opportunities that are impossible in the real world. Unreal or impossible for each of us. We feel like the creators of the world. It gives us the feeling that we are crossing borders. Meet the key people of ORIZON GROUP.

Jacek Lamont


The creator of advanced animation and 3D programs, a specialist in the design and creation of 3D experiences that go beyond the boundaries of reality, including: VR, AR.

Jacek Lamont
Kamil Chruściński


About 10 years Senior Unity programmer by vocation, built and supervised the quality code of dozens of bussines and gamedev applications. He specializes in AR and VR applications, in every available one.

Kamil Chruściński
Katarzyna Lamont


About 12 years she specializes in creating and positioning a brand, analyzing marketing data, as well as creating and running custom marketing campaigns.

Katarzyna Lamont
Jakub Bajwol


About 8 years 2D graphic and UI / UX designer. Master of branding and rebranding. Specializes in creating a brand image, implementing a product development and promotion strategy

Jakub Bajwol
Joanna Cenkier

Legal advisor for IT and New Technologies

Radca prawny, specjalista w prawie nowych technologii, prawie IT, oraz prawie gospodarczym. Wspiera klientów ORIZON GROUP w obszarze negocjacji umów IT, doradztwa prawnego w zakresie zawierania kontraktów IT, ze szczególnym uwzględnieniem praw autorskich oraz własności intelektualnej.

Joanna Cenkier
Marcin Myka

Scenography Director, 3D Graphic Designer

Od 20 lat artysta plastyk, grafik 3D i nałogowy malarz. Specjalizuje się w łączeniu świata wirtualnego i sztuki w świecie realny, na swoim koncie ma wiele ekspozycji oraz scenografii.

Marcin Myka
Mateusz Kamiński

Production Director, Senior Unity Programmer

Od 5 lat programista Unity Developer. Posiada doświadczenie w pracy przy aplikacjach mobilnych, grach, VR, AR oraz rozwiązaniach biznesowych.

Mateusz Kamiński
Karol Szałkowski

Mid Unity Programmer

A programmer of Unity Developer for 5 years. He has experience in working with mobile applications, Motion Capture, HOPA games, VR, AR and 3D configurators.

Karol Szałkowski

Our clients

we appreciate

Our clients describe us as a creative and dedicated team that creates amazing things. We enjoy exploring new industries and unknown products. We are not a firm only for the “greats”. We work and enjoy cooperation with both small businesses and large corporations.

Write to us, we will talk about your project with great desire.

Describe your idea to us and we will check if we can do business together. We look forward to hearing from other advertising agencies, production studios, as well as creative graphic designers and 3D animators.