we create experience 3D

We create 3D technologies and then run effective
advertising campaigns. Let’s create something together!

We are an advertising agency with our own working studio! We create customer experiences with 3D technologies that cross the boundaries of our reality: 3D animations explaining videos, visual effects (VFX), 3D configurators and technologies such as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and video mapping. We create a wonderful 3D world based on many years of experience working with foreign and Polish animation producers.

Let’s create a new reality!

we make emotions

Our talented artists are experts in both visual effects and the 3D world. 
With over 50 completed orders, we are changing the world of business. See all our works!

augmented reality of buildings from the 12th – 19th centuries in Lublin

augmented reality of buildings from the 12th – 19th centuries in Lublin

virtual influancer for Cabaret Smile

virtual influancer for Cabaret Smile

design of entrance doors

design of entrance doors

designing MDF furniture fronts

designing MDF furniture fronts

designing gates and fences

designing gates and fences

creating a tourist brand

creating a tourist brand

promotional campaign for Komfort

promotional campaign for Komfort

our goal is to introduce
3D technologies into business

What are we doing?

we believe, that quantity and quality are not mutually exclusive


2D / 3D Animation and Explainer Videos

We create advanced 3D animation of objects and characters in various graphic styles. From fabulous animations to realistic car explainer videos


Marketing, Social Media, Graphics & Video

We specialize in the implementation of advertising campaigns using 3D technologies. We advise and run effective events related to branding, social media, digital marketing and video marketing.


Computer and web applications / mobile applications

Applications radically change the world of many enterprises. We create computer applications, 3D configurators and 3D catalogs, virtual reality (VR) applications, augmented reality (AR) applications, and advanced web applications.


Scanning 3D Objects and Structures

We use advanced modern 3D scanning technologies. Together with us, you can scan your items from as small as a watch or a car, to buildings inside and outside.


Additional services

VFX, special effects for advertising and films, interior and exterior visualization, product design, design strategies, prototyping, character design, corporate character, video mapping, simulations.

Our Portfolio

See the world through the lens
of 3D technology

3D-technology are limitless! Only your imagination can stop them. Everything is possible in the 3D world. We specialize in: Explainer 3D animations, 3D configurations for computer / web / mobile, as well as VR business applications.

how to integrate 3D technologies
into your business?

Sign up for a BRAINSTORM. Send us a message to biuro@orizongroup.pl or call +48 502 648 706, and we will answer.

Our Portfolio

Optimize your work
and save time

Take advantage of the solution for professionals. We support the activities of other studios in the field of 3D. We rent modern equipment: for 3D character animation – Xsens, for 3D scanning – Artec, and for automatic scanning and video filming – Universal Robots robot.

how we are working?

Want to know more? Send us a message to
biuro@orizongroup.pl or call +48 502 648 706, and we will answer.

Step 1.

Tell us about your needs and goals

During the meeting-seminar, we will offer you good ideas, effective solutions, analyze the possibility of achieving goals and form a budget. In addition, we are happy to share knowledge, experience and market news in related industries. Do you want to know what we can do for you? Sign up for a brainstorming session with our team.

Step 2.

Together we will create a concept and a scenario of actions

You will receive an action plan from us, which we will discuss with you. From the ideas provided, you can independently choose what you want within the framework of your available budget. During implementation, you will receive 100% of our attention, as well as the highest quality visual effects in the agreed time frame and within your budget.

Step 3.

Use all the features of 3D

Creating a single 3D model opens up a wide range of possibilities. It all starts with a 3D model: rendering, animation, configurators. We plan and spend our clients' budgets in the same way as our own. We join forces, test opportunities to create many opportunities from one idea.


Find answers
to your questions

How to use the 3D-technology in my business?

Make a brainstorming meeting with our team. During this meeting we will present you the idea for your business. Send us a message to biuro@orizongroup.pl or call +48 502 648 706

How much does 3D animation cost?

The price of 3D animation depends on the scenario. The style of the animation, its theme, and the rendering quality. The simpler the scenario, the lower the price. We approach each 3D animation individually.

Are you working on a script?

Yes. We are always ready to create or discuss a ready-made scenario. Due to the fact that the price of each 3D animation is related to the budget, we explain in detail how its individual elements affect the final cost.

What determines the cost of a 3D application?

The cost of a 3D application depends on the technology used. We create animation VR, AR, 3D configurators, computer / web / mobile. In addition, the cost depends on the number of operations in the application, as well as the 3D models used.

Can I outsource one stage of animation?

Yes. We constantly cooperate with large studios in Poland and abroad, for which we make separate scenes for the production of large films or corporate performances.

Want to find out pricing?
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How to use 3D technologies in your business? We will agree on a BRAINSTORM with our team. Send us a message to biuro@orizongroup.pl or call
+48 502 648 706, and we will answer.

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