creating a tourist brand

It was a great adventure with the brands Kraina Wilka and Together with the Watahą! We greatly appreciate your trust in our crazy ideas. The project had two objectives. The first is the development of a brand strategy for a tourist network product with a visual identification system, training courses and an advertising campaign on the Internet, in social media, and via leaflets and folders. The second goal, on the other hand, was based on the implementation of the latest 3D technologies – augmented reality applications and ICT equipment. We started the project with meetings with the inhabitants of the Bieszczady Mountains who remember the displacement of the areas intended for flooding – 1964. The collection of photos, books, support from the Institute of National Remembrance and interviews allowed us to determine the shape and appearance of the flooded areas, where the Solina Dam is now.
In 1968, not only Solina was under the water. Also the hamlets of Działiał and Podkaliszcze, Teleśnica Sanna with the hamlet of Łęg, Horodek, Chrewt, part of Sokoli, Zawóz, Rajski and Wołkowyja. Several hundred houses had to be demolished or demolished, as many farm buildings, shops, taverns, churches and Orthodox churches. Nearly 3,000 people had to leave their villages. As part of the activities carried out, it was possible to recreate the village of Solina (church, houses, cemetery, chapels), the village of Teleśnica Sanna, the village of Horodek, the Dead Forest in Łęg, and a manor house in the village of Sokole. Each of the objects can be viewed using the augmented reality (AR) application while sailing on Solina, starting from Polańczyk (Eco Marina Polańczyk). An additional module in the application is also a nature path (where you can observe the flora of the Bieszczady Solina) and an adventure path in which the heroes of the San and Solinka brands need help in saving the valley. You can read about everything here:
The first stage of our activities was the preparation of the Bieszczadzka legend and the creation of the heroes of the brand: Sana (warrior, the strongest and bravest of the land, the element of the earth), Solinka (goddess of water and everything that lives in it), Biesa (a terrible beast, personification of evil that wants to take all the water from the valley for yourself) and fumes (nasty, extremely malicious spirits that arise with every evil deed) and the inhabitants of the land. The characters of the brand hero received their story based on ancient tales and legends of the Bieszczady Mountains. Evaluate our work progress for yourself.
Designing characters launched a huge amount of creativity in us, thanks to which an idea for a marketing strategy for the Land of the Wolf and Together with the Watah brands was born. We created a whole series of marketing renderings (including the heroes of the brand), which allowed us to visit all the most important places of the Ordering Party in Polańczyk – hotel attractions, marinas and micro tours. If you want to experience our idea, and you are going to Polańczyk, be sure to follow San and Solinka … after launching the Land of the Wolf application and selecting the adventure path, you will receive a ready map of interesting places and difficult puzzles to solve, at the end of which you will treasure.
The 3D animation of the newly written Bieszczady legend was the icing on the cake in the process of building the strategy of marketing activities. We discovered its history in stages. The dubbing master was involved in the project – Jarosław Boberek. Learn about the extraordinary history of the creation of Lake Solina. And it begins like this: Back in the days when Solinka was taking care of this extraordinary land…
We started the process of designing 3D animation with a design concept.
The result was a 3D animation.
Highly advanced ICT technologies have been prepared for the brand. Augmented Reality (AR, augmented reality) and Virtual Reality (VR, virtual reality).
An augmented reality application including: two water paths for tourists (natural and historical) – while sailing a boat, each player has the opportunity to observe the underwater world of the flooded Solina Lagoon in certain places, and an adventure water and land path that uses a combination of traditional geocatching and water tourism, during which the player solves puzzles, learns the story of the legend and has the task of obtaining the treasure.
The assumption of the application was to increase the involvement and loyalty of tourists using gamification using games and puzzles in two scenarios: land and water.
During our work, we visited Polańczyk eight times. We knew that constant contact with the Investor and taking care of many topics on the spot contributed to the success of the project. We also had a five-day trip to capture the beauty of this place with a camera and a photo camera. Bieszczady views are unique. We worked from sunrise to sunset, as you can see in our film.
We set ourselves a goal: to create an innovative tourist product in the Bieszczady Mountains, the area of ​​Lake Solina allowing for a comprehensive offer for professional and amateur tourists, and all our activities were aimed in this direction.
The Bieszczady Mountains are delightful – aren’t they? Here are some photos from the photo session.
For the brand, we chose the Explorer archetype, the aim of which is to explore, learn and understand the world through change and movement. Through travel, he also learns what is of the greatest value in life. He wants to experience a better, more real, fuller life. A life that changes with a new experience.
However, the brand’s goal is to offer comprehensive adventures for tourists in the Bieszczady Mountains. The brand’s mission is to motivate people to change for the better by experiencing journeys and understanding themselves and life more fully. A life that changes with a new experience.
Below are the effects of the prepared visual identification system.