designing MDF furniture fronts

We had the pleasure of designing products in our local market. DARO is a carpentry shop in Lublin, which is known all over Poland. We are very happy that together we were able to implement a design strategy for MDF kitchen furniture fronts and acrylics. Our task was to design three collections – CLASSIC, MODERN, DESIGN – MDF kitchen furniture fronts. We have introduced 15 modern fronts to the market (45 different designs and variants have been designed in total), which can be admired in the visualizations below.
The second stage was to create a solid, modern and friendly brand appearance as well as marketing and advertising materials. The goal of the DARO company was to design a new brand for the carpentry shop, now there is already a well-known brand of furniture accessories. Due to the investment in this area, we have prepared three product catalogs (new collection, current collections and acrylics), which constitute a commercial offer, additionally we have designed templates for showrooms. Check the results of our work.
Modern fronts, in line with the minimalist architecture, fill the kitchen with order and peace. Simplicity combined with elegance have created a place where cooking will become even more pleasure. Everyone will find something for themselves from fifteen designed furniture fronts. We have prepared both classic solutions and innovative on the market spatial furniture fronts that allow you to achieve a 3D effect in the kitchen, imitate a larger space like blocks, and emphasize the uniqueness (of those who choose them).
The DARO company specializes in the wholesale of furniture accessories, sliding door systems of aluminum fronts and furniture boards. It comprehensively supplies furniture manufacturers, furniture studios, distributors of furniture accessories, as well as warehouses and carpentry shops.
As part of the cooperation, we have created a new brand referring to the milling of fronts, job offers that provide a professional brand appearance and marketing materials (website, printed catalogs, store displays and a set of materials for social media).
Here is our proposal for a new look at their brand.
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