virtual influancer for Cabaret Smile

We invite you to the report on the implementation of the interactive hologram effect of a virtual influencer, which appears on stage with the support of Hollywood technology. In this way, Nowy, as a new member of the Smile Cabaret, became a real, human actor who could perform on stage and conduct talks with the audience. The project uses wireless capture of body (Xsens), hand (Manus) and face movement, real-time rendering (Unreal Engine), projection and hologram. The effect you can watch is hundreds of hours of work and testing.
The project is considered to be the first ever synchronized application of these technologies in Poland.
The beginning of our cooperation began at the concept workshop for the Smile Cabaret, where we talked about marketing for Kabaret, we talked about our 3D technology, its limitations, possibilities and application. More than twenty hours later, the idea for a 3D actor and virtual influencer was born.
Andrzej, Paweł and Michał were immediately sure that he must be an “alien” who visits our land and gets to know it together with cabaret characters: Bożena, Merlin and Mr. Stanisław. We loved the vision. Now there was a question of design.
We looked for an idea for a long time. We were clutching at various solutions. We decided whether blue, fillet or maybe green skin color should have “ufok”? We tested the shapes of the head, hands and body. We added special characters to the character. We searched for a long time for the final version of “New”, which is still looking for a name to this day. Maybe some of you have an idea?
Take a look at our design process at a glance.
Here are the final concepts from which Kabaret Smile chose the design.
How do you like the final look of “New”?
Virtual influencers are innovative activities. On the Polish market there are: Media Markt -Tech-Ekspert and Sara Kosmos. Each of these characters does not exceed 1,500 Instagram followers. So it is just gathering its audience … The trend of virtual influencers in Japan, China and the USA is very strong. We believe that this is the future of the operation of the best brands also in Poland.
See our 3D animations with the participation of the New.
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