virtual reality & 3D animations of washing devices

Our task was to prepare a visual key of marketing materials presenting washing devices, with particular emphasis on video and 3D animation. We accompanied the NOYEN brand in the entire rebranding process of marketing materials, from the website, product catalogs to 3D renders and animations. We participated in creative workshops together with the entire Marketing Department looking for visual solutions.
The result of all the works was the creation of a 3D explainer video animation discussing the functionality of the ULTRA washing device and 360 animations presenting the design of smaller washing devices. See what the summary of our efforts looks like.
NOYEN ROBOTICS - 360 Animation
NOYEN SMART - 360 Animation
NOYEN COMPACT - 360 Animation
The next stage of activities was to prepare a virtual reality application for HTC virtual reality glasses for the presentation of the EXPERT T device at the washing equipment fair. The NOYEN brand was looking for solutions how to present the largest, very extensive machine at the fair without transporting the device, which would involve great costs and logistical effort. Virtual reality came with the solution.
We proposed to prepare an application which, thanks to the full impressions of the potential client, will allow you to watch and present the competitive advantages of EXPERT T at the fair stand, in a comfortable armchair. We prepared an application and animations to promote the machine itself. Here are the results of our work.
NOYEN EXPER T - from VR app animation
NOYEN EXPERT T - 360 Animation from VR App
Our latest activities are product catalogs, website design and support for the main contractor. Take a look at our favorite site, with the machine we worked out to the details:
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